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Teddy Bear Kids Daycare-Quality Affordable Daycare

Kathleen has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been involved in doing daycare for over 12 years and loves helping these little ones learn and grow!

What does this mean for you?

It means we:

  • Uses consistent routines to support children
  • Talks with children and families to better understand interests and culture
  • Shares important community resources with families
  • Learns about each individual child by observing and taking notes
  • Commits to and maintains professional ethics in the early learning field
  • Evaluates learning activities, materials, classroom layout, and health-related practices to set goals for growth
  • Plans school-readiness activities for children
  • Guides families through their childrenā€™s transition to kindergarten
    Shares information with families in ways that meet their unique needs
  • Plans for continued learning and professional growth
  • Uses a curriculum aligned with Minnesotaā€™s early learning standards
  • Teaches in a way that is organized, challenging and warm
  • Helps children transition between activities and stay engaged
  • Uses approved tools to track childrenā€™s development
  • Commits to ongoing quality improvement by usingĀ someĀ of these best practices:
    • Responds to unique cultural customs and needs of children and families
    • Offers activities that encourage family participation and help children transition to kindergarten
    • Gives families opportunities to provide feedback about the program
    • Shares child development updates with families to set goals together
    • Makes accommodations for children with special needs and their families
    • Has highly-qualified and trained leadership staff, teachers, and providers
    • Creates a program-wide professional development plan
    • Encourages healthy living through nutrition and physical activity, always evaluating to set goals for growth

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