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Update 10/4/2020

Well we have met with the Dr. again and here are the updates:

We will be required to have a COVID-19 test on Thursday as part of the pre-op physical. This means that we have to close for 5 days, that said that puts us past the scheduled delivery date.

What does this mean…..

Well it means that we will start our maternity leave at the end of the day Wednesday October 7th, 2020.  We will resume daycare on the originally planned November 2nd, 2020.

We are excited for Logan, but we also look forward to seeing you all back her in November!

Original Post

As you know, that time is nearing….

Our plan is to take 3 weeks off when Baby Logan arrives.

Many of you have been asking when is that?  Well I am here to tell you that as parents, you all should know it is not up to us……entirely….

If Logan decides to take his time, we are scheduled for a delivery helped by the Dr.

If Logan does not arrive early, then we will be closed at the end of the day Friday October 9th until we reopen on Monday November 2nd, 2020. 

Most of you have received a test call, this is how you will be notified if Logan arrives early, which means our leave would also start early.

That said I do want to remind you all of a few things:

  • You must list your arrival time for the next day. If you do not then the door may be locked until 6am as Kathleen needs to get her rest.
  • If your child has not arrived by 3:30pm the you will not be able to drop off, or have your child dropped off.
  • We close when the last child has left, with COVID-19 in place we have MANY time consuming cleaning tasks to complete each day to ensure the toys are safe to play with the next day.
  • If you send a snack with your child, that is what they will have.
  • Please do not send toys with your child, blankets or stuffies are ok but they will only be allowed to use them during quiet time.
  • Cellphones and tablets are prohibited to be used, except for school work. It is not our responsibility if a device is broken or damaged.
  • We are here to help with eLearning, when possible. If your child refuses to cooperate we cannot force them to do the work.

We want to THANK all of you for your continued support during this surprising, blessed, and stressed time.

Updates will be posted here an in the parents group.

Baby Logan

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