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Merry Christmas


As Christmas approaches we are all getting excited and a little over whelmed. The children have less than a week of school for the 2016-year and are counting down every minute closer to Christmas. This year for the daycare children we added a little special friend name Elfie. He is our Elf on the Shelf and he flies back every night and reports back to Santa how the children were. Yesterday, he left a note with a box of hot chocolate and told the children that he forgave the children for dropping him the day before. Elfie wanted to show the children the importance of forgiveness and why it’s ok to make a mistake now and again. Elfie is an important part of our day and it some ways it has helped the children behave a little better.


This week as Christmas gets closer we are going to make Christmas presents for our parents and Christmas cut out cookies. I’m a little nervous about the cooking making part because our children get a little excited. I just got to remember they are kids and they are meant to get wild and crazy at times. I love watching children at this time of year. It brings back so many memories of my childhood. I miss those days and sometimes wish I could go back. My one Christmas wish this year is for all the children to have a wonderful Christmas with their families and learn that Christmas isn’t about presents, but about family.


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