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Daycare Dilemmas


In recent days with the cold I have been struggling with not being able to drive my school age children to school. This is a service I used to offer with the stipulation that I had a helper on hand to watch the younger children. However, around mid-November my helper decided to leave me. This came with little to no warning. This left me in a pickle and I believe a few of my parents are a little upset with me because I cannot drive their children to school. I wish I could do more, but as a daycare provider we can only do so much for your child. This is the one thing I think parents need to remember. We are here to care for your child when you cannot and at times that means we have to lay a hard line and tell parents no to a service they may want us to provide. I would love to do everything I possible can for the children, but I also need my time and time for my family.


To add to this blog, when it is cold parents need to provide their children with the proper clothing. This has been a constant struggle for me since I started doing daycare. With the extreme colds right now we do not go outside, but when it warms up a little I want to take the children outside to play in the snow. However, this sometimes is impossible to do because one or two parents do not send the proper winter clothing for their child. When I say proper clothing I mean; snow pants, gloves, hats, scarfs, winter jacket and boots. Unfortunately if one or two children do not have all this that means we have to stay inside. I know this isn’t fair for the other children but when I’m by myself I cannot take them out especially when it’s an improperly dressed infant. However, since my own children are older they can take the kids outside that do have the proper winter clothing. Its winter, its not that hard to put clothing in a bag and remember your children have energy they need to burn and what’s better than going outside and building a snowman or a snow fort.

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