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The Road to Recovery


On November 18th, 2016, I had my surgery.  So far they have just taken and ovary and my fallopian tube on my right side, but it turn out that I may have to have more done than the expected.  Since my surgery I have been having a lot of pain in my left side.  They cannot figure out if it is my left ovary reacting from getting my right one removed or if its kidney stones, bladder infection, or from my bladder sling.  I am hoping it is is something as simple as my left ovary, kidney stones, or a bladder infection because if it is from my bladder sling I am in for a long road of suffering.  As I sit down and type this blog entry I am almost in tears because of the pain.  I have taken my allowed amount of pain medication, but it only dulls the pain, it does not take it away.  I have come to find out if it is my bladder sling; I may have to just learn to deal with this pain, because having it remove could do more damage than good.  Right now I just get to play the waiting game and deal with this awful pain.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it is something simple.

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