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Physical and Motor Development


The final domain in the ECIPs for ages 3-5 is Physical and Motor Development.  This is one of the funniest domains to work with the children and watch them grow.  The first component is Gross Motor Development.  The indicators that are included in this component include; develop large muscle control and coordination, develop body strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina, use a variety of equipment for physical development and last is to develop the ability to move their body in space with coordination.

The second component in this domain is fine motor development.  The indicators included are develop small muscle control and coordination, use eye-hand coordination to perform a variety of tasks, and explore and experiment with a variety of tools such as spoons, crayons, paintbrushes, scissors, keyboards.

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The final component is physical health and well-being.  Indicators included in this component are participate in a variety of physical activities to enhance personal health and physical fitness, follow basic health and safety rules, recognize and eat a variety of nutritious foods, and last demonstrate increasing independence with basic self-care.

Activities you could do with your children that address this domain include:

The floor is lava where the children have to step on a variety of colors squares and when the music stops they don’t want to be on the color square that is red.

Paper plate skating.  This activity the children have paper plates taped on the bottom of their feet and try to slide across a carpeted floor or on a hardwood floor surface.

Target practice.  The children throw a bean bag at a target across the room.

There are many other activities the children can do to work on these skills.  You just have to think outside the box and be creative.

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