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Personal note


Personal Note

Today I am taking a step back from my career and using my blog to express some things that are going on with me at the present time.  I recently found out that I have ovarian cancer.  Everyone is telling me that it is curable, but I am freaking out about it.  I either have to get my one ovary removed or I have to get a total hysterectomy.  This isn’t an easy decision and I know I have to make it so I save my life, but I am only 36 I should not be facing this right now.  I want to have another baby, but I don’t think it’s in the cards anymore.  I feel like I am in this alone because when I talk about it to anyone they just seem very bored.  I’m sorry this is a major happening in my life and it’s not an easy one.

  • What is next?

To top it off my sister drop a total bomb on me and decided she no longer wants to live in my daycare house.  I cannot do this anymore.  Right when I need someone they stab me in the back and leave me.  What did I do to deserve this and why is this happening to me?  I’m not really looking for a response to from someone I just needed to vent and get this off my chest.  Thanks for taking the time and listening to me.

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