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Creativity and the Arts

Creativity and the Arts


The next domain in the ECIPs is my favorite.  This domain is Creativity and the Arts.  I love doing projects with the children and watching them grow.  The finished project some of these kids come up with is incredible and listening to them explain what they made sometimes is the highlight of my day.

This domain has three components and with these components a total of seven indicators.  The first component is this domain is creating.  The indicators that are included are use a variety of media and materials for exploration and creative expressions; participate in art and music experience; and participate in creative movement, drama and dance.

The next component in this domain is responding.  The indicators are show others and/or talk about what they have made or done; and show interest and respect for the creative work and self and others.

The final component in this domain is evaluating.  The indicators include share experiences, ideas, and thoughts about art and creative expression; and share opinions about likes and dis-likes in art and creative expression.

An activity you could do with the children to help promote this domain is the Life Cycle of a pumpkin.

Supplies you need are:

  • Large paper plate
  • Orange paint
  • Paint brush
  • Green and brown construction paper
  • Black mark
  • White copy paper


  • Have children paint a large paper plate orange.  Let dry
  • Print up the following sheet onto copy paper
  • Have the children color stages of the life cycle of a pumpkin
  • Cut out
  • When paper plate is dry, have children glue the pieces in order on the plate
  • If children are old enough to write themselves have them label the stages
  • Draw a stem for the pumpkin on brown construction paper. Green leaf on green construction paper
  • Cut out glue onto pumpkin
  • microsoft-word-craft-ideas-cover-sheet  (Here is a link to the project from 123learncurriculum.info..  I hope it works.)
  • What is next?

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