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Language and Literacy Development


This domain is one of the largest and to me the most difficult to meet when you are a daycare/early childhood provider. There are four components and several indicators to meet in this domain.


The first component in this domain is Listening. The indicators that are included in this component are; understanding non-verbal and verbal cues; listen with understanding to stories, directions, and conversations; follow directions that involve a two or three-step sequence of actions; listen to and recognize different sounds in rhymes and familiar words.


The second component is Speaking. The indicators in this component include; communicate needs, wants, or thoughts through non-verbal gestures, actions, expressions, and/or words; communicate information using home language and/or English; speak clearly enough to be understood in home language and/or English; use language for a variety of purposes; use increasingly complex and varied vocabulary and language; and initiate, ask questions, and respond in conversations with others.


The third component in this domain is Emergent Reading. The indicators include; initiate stories and respond to stories told or read aloud; represent stories told or read aloud through various media or during play; guess what will happen next in a story using pictures as a guide; retell information from a story; show beginning understanding of concepts about print; recognize and name some letters of the alphabet, especially those in own name; begin to associate sounds with words or letters.


The final component in this domain is Emergent Reading. The indicators include; understand that writing is away of communicating; uses scribbles, shapes pictures, or dictation to represent thoughts or ideas; engage in writing using letter-like symbols to make letters or words; and begin to copy or write own name.


An activity you could do with this domain is choose a book and each day read this book during circle or story time. Throughout the week ask questions about this book and hopefully by the end of the week the children can read this book to you. Doing this activity you are working on component three emergent reading. The children should be able to guess what will happen next in a story using pictures as a guide, and retell information from the story.


Another activity you can do with your children is work on identifying the letters in their name. Making name packets where the children say, copy, and write their names can do this. Children in my experience love this activity and I have found they go back to it several times throughout the day.

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