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Circle Time


Let’s take a step away from the ECIPs for today and discuss part of my daily schedule.  As part of my daily schedule we always have circle time every morning.  Circle time is a time for all of us to get together and discuss the daily happenings and work together as a team.  During this time we work on the letter, shape, number, and color of the week.  We discuss the calendar and the weather outside.  As part of the calendar the children have to share what the day of the week is… what yesterday was… and what tomorrow will be…  They also share what number day it is and what year.  During weather time they each get a turn to look out our huge bay window and tell me what the weather is like outside.

Planning circle time takes some weekend prep and next I would like to share what we did during our creepy crawlers unit during circle time.  Keep in mind these are ideas I got from 123learncurriculum.info and added my own details as well.

Monday is usually the day we introduced a new theme, letter, shape, number, and color.  It’s just easier to have the five days starting on Monday vs. any other day of the week.

On Monday for our Creepy Crawler theme.  We start out asking the children what is their favorite bug and if they even like bugs.  There is a song we sing called “The Spider Spins a Web.”  This is a fun little song that is very catchy and I always have a hard time getting it out of my head.  J  Next we introduce the letter of the week.  This week it was the letter I.  We do a little letter chant that goes something like this:

Letters, letters, Letters have Names.

What is the name of this Letter?  (I than point to the letter and ask each of the children to identify it.)


Next on a small white board I thank write down the letter.  I ask the children to tell me the letter they believe it to be.  (Now keep in mind we just did our letter chant so I am trying to see if the children recall what we just discussed)  WE than identify which is an upper case I and a lower case i.  The next step is I have the children come up and try writing the letter on their own.


We than move onto our message board.  We always have a daily message to either talk about what we are doing for the day, or to wish one of our friends a happy birthday.  This is my favorite part of the day.  The expression on the children’s faces is priceless when they find out what we are doing for the day or for the week.  WE than go into calendar/weather time.


The last thing we usually do for circle time is read a story, sing a song, or read a poem.  This activity we repeat on a daily basis.  The purpose of this is I hope by the end of the week the children are able to read, sing or cite the poem on their own.


The children than have free play for about a half hour.  As a daycare or early childhood provider we need to keep in mind these children’s attention span is very little.  We need to keep our activities short but meaningful.  Also remember to get the children up and moving.  Children learn best through play!!!


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