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Social and Emotional Development 3-5


Social and Emotional Development

Creating a curriculum for infant – 3 year olds seems difficult to most, now try developing a curriculum for the 3-5 year olds.  When developing a curriculum for this age group you more areas to cover and need to take more into consideration when planning your activities.

The first domain is similar to the infant-3 year’s olds but there is more in each of their components and they work on different areas of development.  The first component in domain 1 is emotional development.  The indicators in this component include; demonstrate increasing competency in recognizing and describing own emotions, demonstrate increasing use of words instead of actions to express motions, begin to understand and respond to other’s emotions, begin to show self-regulation to handle emotions appropriately, explore a wide range of emotions in different ways, and response to praise, limits, and corrections.  This is just the first component in planning for this domain there are two others.

Next component is; self-concept.  The indicators include; begin to experiment with own potential and show confidence in own abilities, demonstrate increasing self-direction and independence, develop an awareness of self as having certain abilities, characteristics, and preferences, and begin to develop awareness knowledge, and acceptance of own gender and cultural identity.

The last component is; Social Competence and Relationships.  The indicators that are included in this component are: interact easily with one or more children, interact easily with familiar adults, approach others with expectations of positive interactions, begin to participate successfully as member of a group, use play to explore, practice, and understand social roles and relationships, begin to understand others’ rights and privileges, sustain interaction by cooperating, helping sharing, and expressing interest, seek adult help when needed for emotional support, physical assistance, social interaction, and approval, and last use words and other constructive strategies to resolve conflict.


Some activities ideas to work on this domain include reading a book together, and playing a matching game where each student takes a turn. These activities will work on the child being able to interact with familiar adults, and begin to participate successfully as a member of a group.  As you develop  your curriculum in this domain you are working on the child’s own emotional development, and helping him/her develop positive relationships.

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