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Physical and Motor Development


This is one of my favorite part of the ECIPs when planning my curriculum.  I especially love working with the infants and watching them grow and develop.  However, it is really hard sometimes to tell a parent that their child crawled or walked for the first time and they were not there to see it.

The first component is; Gross Motor Devleopment.  The indicators you have to work with in this area is the child able to move body, arms and legs with coordination.  Do they demonstrate large muscle balance, stability, control and coordination?  Are the developing the ability to change positions and move body from place to place.  And last component is are they able to move their body with a purpose to achieve a goal.

The next component is; Fine Motor Development.  The indicators include; uses hands or feet to make contact with objects or people, develops small muscle control and coordination, coordinates eye and hand movements, uses different actions on objects, and last controls small muscles in hands when doing simple task.

The last component is; Physical Health and Well-Being.  The indicators include; shows characteristics of healthy development, responds when physical needs are met, expresses physical needs nonverbally or verbally, participates in physical care routines, beings to develop self-help skills, and begins to understand safe and unsafe behaviors.

An example of an activity you could do with an infant to work on this domain is rattle shake.  Its pretty simple all you need to do is fine a variety of rattles and allow the infant to play with them.  Your younger infants you can place them on a blanket and sit next to them and shake the rattles and see if they responds.  Your older infants shake a rattle put it back down and continue this until they take interest and try to reach for the rattle themselves.

This is the final domain in infant to three years old.  These seem complicated, but when you sit down and learn them you can develop your own activities that will work on each of the domain, component and indicator.

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