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Lets take a break from learning about the specific domains and components for infants and toddlers and learn how we can implement them in our daily activities. As part of the infants and toddlers social and emotional development there are several activities we can do on a daily basis with the children. The first thing we should always do when an infant or toddler enter our program is let them greet each child in the morning by their first name. So if Maci comes in we should go around the room and say hi Steele, Jackson, Weston, etc…. If we do this on a daily basis an infant will eventually be able to identify children when we say their name. Another activity we can do is hold the child on our lap and read a book or two from the current theme you are teaching. Point out pictures to the child and tell the child what each object is. (This may get frustrating at times because the infant will reach for the book and take it away. Just be patient and keep trying.)


Next, talk with the child, look him or her in the eyes and encourage them to coo or talk back to you. Keep a daily schedule with the child, such as meal times, naps etc..


The sooner the child learns about a daily schedule the better. 🙂 No matter what the age of the child always encourage them, don’t always point out the negative, make sure to point out the positive and give them praise often.

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