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Early Childhood Indicators of Progress Cont……


In my last blog I discussed Domain 1 for birth to 3 years for ECIP’s of Minnesota as part of my daily curriculum planning. Today I want to continue this discussion to give each and everyone of you of an idea of how much goes into planning a three to five minute lesson plan. Domain 2 is Language Development and Communication. The component that are included in this domain are; listening and understanding, communicating and speaking, and emergent literacy. Next step is choosing what indicator I want use in each lesson plan. For listening and understanding the indicators include; shows interest in listening to sounds, listens with interest to language of others, responds to verbal communication of others, responds to nonverbal communication of others, and begins to understand gestures, words, questions or routines. Under communicating and speaking the indicators include; uses sounds, gestures, or actions to express needs and wants; uses consistent sounds, gestures or words to communicate; imitates sounds gestures or words; uses sounds, signs or words for a variety of purposes; and shows reciprocity in using language in simple conversations. The last component emergent literacy indicators include; shows interest in songs, rhymes and stories; shows interest in photos, pictures and drawings; demonstrates interest and involvement with books and other print materials, and begins to recognize and understand symbols.   Now many people think running a daycare is easy but it isn’t. Running a daycare takes time and energy and a lot of patient. As part of the Parent Aware program I have to make sure each of my lessons has one of the domains, the components, and an indicator of the component. I can include more than one, but I have to make sure that I have each document and can share when my Parent Aware coach comes in for a visit.

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