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Planning my Curriculum

Child painting at easel in school. Teacher help.

Child painting at easel in school. Teacher help.

Today I took some time and planned out my curriculum for next month. Our first theme for the month of October is Fall Fun. In this theme the children will be learning about the letter; F, Number; 5, Shape; Oval and the Color; Brown. As I plan my curriculum I have to make sure each of my lesson plans follow the ECIPs (early childhood indicators of progress). In case you are wondering ECIPs are the MN specific early childhood standards, that daycares and daycare centers have to follow to be a part of Parent Aware.


As I plan my curriculum for my birth to 3 years old, I have four standards that need to be included in my lesson plans. I don’t have to include all the standards in each lesson, but I have to include one. These four standards are; Social and Emotional Development, Language Development and Communication, Cognitive Development, and Physical and Motor Development.


Today I would like to discus domain one which is Social and Emotional Development. The components that are included in this domain are trust and emotional security, self-awareness, relationships with other children, and self-regulation. Once I have decided which component of this domain I want to include in my lesson plan I have to decide on which indicator I want to address. Trust and Emotional Security components include the child engaging in behaviors that build relationships with familiar adults, shows preference for familiar adults, responds to unfamiliar adults cautiously, seeks ways to find comfort in new situations, and shows emotional connection and attachment. The indicators in self-awareness include; express feelings and emotions through facial expression, sounds and/or gestures, develops awareness of self as separate from others, and show confidence in increasing abilities. Indicator in component relationship with other children include; shows interest in and awareness of other children, responds to and interacts with other children, begins to recognize and respond to other children’s feelings and emotions, begins to show concern for others, learns social skills, and eventually words, for expressing feelings, needs and wants.   As you can see planning a curriculum for the children is not easy and is very time consuming but its worth it when you see the children’s faces when they are learning and enjoying what they are doing. My next blog will indicate the next domain that needs to be covered when planning my lesson plans


2 Responses to “Planning my Curriculum

  • Tessa Gosiak
    1 year ago

    It is so important as an educator to be teaching them skills that will help them with their future. I think that it is amazing the value of play for children. They can learn so much when they are communicating with one another, learning to problem solve, and being able to use their imagination. I think that children need to have structured learning time, but also I believe much of their time should be free play!

  • Amy Goettl
    1 year ago

    Intentionally teaching social/emotional skills is so important in an Early Childhood setting. I work in a preschool room for four year olds, and we have so many parents who are extremely focused on academics. Academics are certainly something to be focused on, but some times our four year olds struggle most with social emotional skills. Taking the time to model skills, intentionally teach, and to be there when situations arise during play, is one of the greatest gifts I can give my students, and you are right it isn’t easy including all of these things into a day!

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