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Typical Day in Daycare


My typical day in daycare starts out usually at 530am. I have a little girl that comes this early and usually goes right back to sleep until 7:30am. After 6:00am however, my children show up right after one another. By 7:00am I have roughly 12 kids and none of them go home before 4pm. My day starts out by feeding the children breakfast. The children have the option to eat breakfast, but for some reason many of them choose not too. After this the children get free play until 9am and than we start our day. We start out by saying good morning to one another and taking a head counts to see who is all here. We than go into circle time where we learn about the calendar, the weather outside, and what the day will bring. Once circle time is complete the children usually get about 15 min of free play until we start our art project. This time a day can take any where from 5 min to 30 min so I budget my time accordingly. The best time of day comes than when the children get to go outside and run off some energy. This time typically last about an hour unless it’s too cold outside. Lunch and quiet time is next. I typically like quiet time because it gives me time to unwind and get some stuff done around the house. However, I on occasion get those children who never want to sleep and so I sit quietly in the room and keep redirected the child its time for nap. After nap we have last snack for the day and than we spend the rest of our time either outside or having free play until parents come pick up for the day

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