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Daycare Stressors


The hardest thing I find about doing daycare is getting everything ready on a daily basis. I am part of a group called Parent Aware and as apart of this group I have to follow a certain curriculum and the one I choose was 123 Learn.com. This curriculum follows all the necessary requirements, but you have to put it all together. This fact is the reason I choose this curriculum, but with recent events in my life I haven’t had more than five minutes at a time to sit down and get anything ready. I have it all printed out but there is more than just printing it out that comes with this curriculum. I wish I could find more hours in my day to get everything ready to make my day a little smoother.

Another thing I find difficult at times it getting my meals ready for the week. I have such picky eaters that I feel I throw more food away everyday than they actually eat. I have one child in particular that if I put a plate of food in front of him all he does is play with his cup or his fork. The problem is I can do nothing about it. I cannot force the child to eat and I cannot punish him for not eating as well. The only thing I can do is provide him with the food and yes I can make him sit for a while but once lunch is complete I have to allow him to clear his spot. I don’t know if anyone out there has any advice, but it just honestly kills me everyday to throw this food away when I know there are so many children out in the world that are going hungry.

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